Company History

1947 September Started as Uchida store by Shoji Uchida.
1950 Published Monthly Wakanyaku according to the development of Oriental drug.
1952 July Established Uchida store Co.,Ltd. with capital of 300,000yen.
1963 June Established Osaka branch office.
1964 August Established Ogata branch office.
1968 December Established Ogata factory and began the manufacture of Kampo medicines.
1971 October Established Tokyo sales office.
1973 January Changed the name to UCHIDA WAKANYAKU Ltd.
1973 December Established Yoshikawa factory.
1979 August Established Kyushu sales office.
1984 November Established Sapporo liaison office.
1990 March Constructed the second annex building of Tokyo sales office and upgraded Tokyo office to headquarter status.
1990 July Constructed the Ogata second factory and moved the production line there.
1990 October Established Kanagawa sales office.
2014 February Changed the name of Ogata second factory to the Niigata factory.

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